Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Place in the Sun

I love the sun. (I try to stay out of it, though.) Go to the SolarSoft site to see if there is a tiny solar physicist inside you struggling to get out. Get advance warnings on your cell phone in the event of the sun exploding. No, they don't offer that service. (What good are they, then?) Guess what the "LMSAL" stands for.

Everyone has their own place in the sun--should you choose to have your remains shot into the sun upon your demise. However, they'd probably be vaporized and blown back into deep space before they got to the sun.

Today's award for best (hottest?) background on a solar physicist web site goes to Mauna Loa. This totally beats standing outside and staring into the sun--plus it is available 24 hours a day and night.

Solar is also easy on the retina. Never attempt to examine the sun directly with your eye(s) and a powerful optical magnifier.

You can also check the space weather news if you plan to be "outside" (the earth's atmoshere).

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