Thursday, September 11, 2008

Free E-booX

I forgot to post this draft. 

I was watching Meet the Press. Joe Biden and Tom Friedman were on.
Last Sunday"s show:
Last segment with Tom Friedman
MR. BROKAW: We're back live in Wilmington, Delaware. And with us now,
having traveled from Washington all that way, author of the new book
"Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How It
Can Renew America," Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist from The New
York Times, Tom Friedman.

Friedman is very vivid but a bit too glib and tends to jump from idea
to idea. I don't think I would buy his book. He had a good point to
make about "the price signal" and making that national policy instead
of surfing the market.

You may have heard of Lester Brown"s Plan 3.0. In a way Friedman is
ripping him off or popularizing a variation of what he and Al Gore
are saying.
I just downloaded the free pdf version which is available at his site
or linked from treehugger
all ccxviii pages of the pdf are numbered in roman numerals for some
perhaps to distinguish them from the page numbers in the actual text
or you can pay money

Speaking of free online books about saving the world/climate/solving
the energy problem,
you can also get Amory Lovins' book Winning the Oil Endgame online.
There was an article about him in the economist Sept 4.
A $40 bargain: Winning-Oil-Endgame-Amory-Lovins/dp/1881071103

And speaking of free electronic text, Cory Doctorow's novels are
available free at
That'll save you about $100 you could have spent at amazon

That reminds me that I recently downloaded Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman from  That is a book which I once found in a used bookstore around 1980 and considered a fossil even then. Updated 2008 versions and variations have been created for online reading and downloading, for what it's worth.  

I really need to add treehugger and worldchanging links to the sidebar.

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