Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Electoral sites and sims (link dump)

You can run the election as a probabilistic simulation in your browser and see who wins.



Caution State-level polling data this far in advance of November is of limited predictive value. Therefore, these simulations may bear no resemblance to how the election will actually play out.

Did you know that there are over two quadrillion (15 zeroes) ways that the U.S. map can be colored red and blue?
1.99 quadrillion of those are extremely unlikely, however.

Newest and best

An older, rival site: Sam Wang at Princeton

Electoral Maps



This probably lists every electoral-vote related site in the world.

I found that here.

Update: An alternative visualization of the same state poll data collated by is at EVStrength.
Update 20080-9-17: Another view is provided by ignoring the polls directly and using Intrade prices as data, instead. Rather than being subject to speculative swings as you might expect, the dats seems to be steadier and the numbers check out better. It's worth cross-checking:


michaelwilson said...

If you want the progression of polls over time and the latest updated polls - This widget will give you just that:

... and its easy to put on your blog!

Make a difference, keep on voting!

Blues Tea-Cha said...

Thanks! That is interesting. Perhaps it is the only pie graph of the election I have seen. I think I like maps better than the conversion into a pie graph and the bar graphs, though.

Blues Tea-Cha said...

…and I actually like reading the commentary on and fivethirtyeight.