Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC via C-SPAN not CNNj

Here in Japan we have CNNj on satellite TV. It was supposed to stand for CNN Japan. It has 0% Japanese content, unless you count the commercials. It seems that CNN came up with the name to mask the fact that it was just a direct feed from the US network, recycled. This year they have backed off from last year's programming. It seems that viewers in Japan didn't appreciate nonsense like Lou Dobbs any more than the failed Fox News. Instead, coverage shifts to Hong Kong in the early morning and to London later in the day.

Anyway, CNN is a network which is supposedly covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Their coverage consists of their own talking heads telling us how the convention is going. The convention is happening in the background, but they are ignoring 90% of it. Instead, we are expected to listen to the CNN talking heads telling us how the convention is going, when we can clearly see that they are neither watching nor listening to any of it.

While Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell was speaking, they were interviewing Rudy "9-11" Giuliani.

That's when I shut it down and changed to C-SPAN.

I am still monitoring CNN to document how miserable their coverage is. I won't be watching CNN until after the RNC is over thanks to them pulling that Rudy crap. CNN, you suck royally. What a massive waste of bandwidth.

Right now Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is speaking. CNN has Wolfblitzer and a camera trained on Bill Clinton scratching his eyes.

Looked at the TV again. Wolf has shut up and they are now showing us Schweitzer. He is likely to get cut off in mid stream for a talking CNN head to lead us to the next commercial break.

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