Sunday, May 04, 2008

Well, wouldja, Dick?

This little bit of found internet detritus to the right somehow appeals to my juvenile sense of humor. It is the t-shirt that must be worn by every member of the audience if cardiological cyborg and bionic VP Mistercheney ever emerges from the secure-undisclosed and attempts to give a public speech rather than retiring with Halliburton to Dubai as expected. I wish I had had this t-shirt in high school. But I didn't. Still, it reminds me of my homies and I (and "homies" wasn't really a word back then) in high school, who fashioned ourselves as I.O.N.S. (International Organization of Nuclear Scientists) and, donning lab coats and t-shirts emblazoned with our code-names "F" "U" "C" and "K", (and o+f+f in smaller letters), and while sitting together in formation in the lunchroom next to the teachers' table, were severely castigated berated scolded by the school principal and forbidden from appearing with each other on school grounds in direct violation of our fundamental rights of free association as guaranteed under the U. S. Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yup, those were the days. A brief loving look back and WTFWWT moment as captured in the original unretouched photograph:

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