Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bearing up

Dreamt of being at my parent's place, walking around a field in the snow. Suddenly noticed that a bear and three cubs were around me, the cubs closer than the bear. Was trying to send a text message on my phone, possibly anticipating a 911 call, and trying to climb over a barbwire fence at the same time.


The appearance of a bear in a dream is a good example of dream interpretation as being culturally shaped. For most of us, bears are not very good companions, and they represent ill-temperament. The exception is in Native American traditions.

For the Navajo and Crow Indians, the bear is a father or grandfather figure that possesses wisdom and knowledge of the sacred.

This seems to be a better dream than being killed by a pack of wild dogs. I don't recall ever having text messages involved in my dreams before. It's sort of a variation on the phone with the missing number keys.

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