Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Shins

The Past and Pending

So Says I

Phantom Limb

Thr3e vid3os from thr3e albums. I love the influences James Mercer cites:

"It was an attempt to do traditional Pop/Rock songs," says Mercer. "I was listening to The Beatles, and I was so impressed with those little gems of songs, and the crafted way they put things together. I wanted to try and do that. I'd always listened to a lot of Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Cure. I loved Echo and the Bunnymen in high school, particularly Ocean Rain. All that reverb and stuff, I love it."

… Too bad I cannot find a decent live video version of Girl on the Wing, but there is this dodgy video of the first 1:20 of the song combined with another that picks it up from about 1:00. Not much for a video editor to work with there.

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