Wednesday, August 01, 2007

World Without Fire Monkeys

I must have this book: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. Google-fest follows.
Scientific American
Check out the illustrated flash timeline with audio commentary, video, and who might replace us.
Daily Mail
Here On Earth (Radio Without Borders) Wisconsin Public Radio (realmedia audio interview)
Alan Weisman profile at Homelands
KQED interview Northern California
KBOO interview (Oregon)
2005 article for Discover magazine was the seed of the book.
Barnes & Noble with reviews
Excerpt (at Kevin Kelly Cool Tools)
EatLiver (graphic above)
New Scientist story from October 2006 on the same topic
Spiral Research (cool Japanese ruins site via mentalfloss)

I originally heard the author on BBC Newspod. He suggests a one-child-per-family limit on global family planning as a way to get human populations back near one billion in a century, as opposed to the UN projection of 9 billion at century's end.

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