Thursday, May 24, 2007


I was pleased to find a new Brazzaville podcast on my computer (from NPR-affiliated WXPN program WorldCafe:Next) and learn that they have a new album out, East L.A. Breeze. I never even got their last album, Hastings Street, despite having been in Vancouver, the namesake of the album, last summer. It might have something to do with the album being released in Russia, where they found some kind of pop star status, and the fact that they are based in Barcelona now. I don't have the Welcome to… album either, but it only had 2 new tracks. It seems that they have never toured in Japan -- as far as I know. Their myspace page isn't as suckingly fugly as most myspace pages are. David Brown has a journal on the band's site. They have 3 free tracks and a hyena on their site, too. I see some links to YouTube videos that I haven't watched yet. The AllMusicGuide page has been considerably enhanced, and perhaps they have found enough success in Eurasia to make progress on the ship.

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