Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iBus is superB

iBus seems to work exactly as it is supposed to. I take back everything I said about it. Earlier troubles may have been attributable to the Asus 4G, the earlier version (Alpha 5 image) of Karmic, or most likely something I did wrong. Fedora 11 and Ubuntu both use iBus, although there is a slightly different way of configuring it. Fedora works more intuitively in my opinion, and also cues you to log out and back in to start using your changes to iBus.

Also visible: the clunky install options of PC-BSD. That's deceptive because the actual way to install is not through the Add/Install Software Panel. It is more similar to MacOSX or Windows: download the pbi from www.pbidir.com/ and then double-click to install.

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