Monday, March 23, 2009

Lawton Smalls on BreakRoomLive

Marc Maron has been continuing his abusive off-again-on-again relationship with Air America radio. This time he's working with Sam Seder on BreakRoomLive.

The show hasn't built up to the heights of Morning Sedition, and Seder will never be as funny as Jim Earl, but Marc and Sam seem to work pretty well together.

Lawton Smalls called in last month. Can Angus McFarquhar be far behind? Sammy the stem cell? Cardinal Milfington?

The voicemail

The first call: Don't Stim Me, Bro

The second call: Republican diversity (March 9)

Speaking of retired radio (or podcast) characters rising from the dead, Dick Cheney: Confidential hasn't run out of steam yet, either, with Harry Shearer placing, uh, Dick, in some continuing undisclosed locations.

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