Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Where have I been?

It's funny that when I have free time, as during the recent holiday, I don't do much blogging. Instead, I turn to constructing a massive to-do list, which does include blogging, but at a lower priority. Free time is actually busy time for tackling my on larger projects, while blogging is a smaller project better for tiny slivers of time. Too busy or too free both reduce my blogging.
Well, I don't usually post posts about the frequency of my posts. I will move from the spring vacation to the busiest time of the year.

What have I been doing? Not traveling. Flying kites. Making kites. Out of garbage. Bought a new bike. I want to say "Specialist" but the brand name is "Specialized". Driving in to Tokyo, surprised that it sometimes takes under an hour, faster than the train. Moving shelves out of my office to the third floor of our house. Fixing up the third floor to be a study. Taking pictures. Facebook and other totalitarian imaginary friend anti-social nutwerx. Tried to buy an Asus EEE PC for ¥19,000 but the store ran out. Mac OS 10.5. Broke my iPhoto. Will go back to 10.4 which remains on the internal HD. Various other things. And now my work is getting busy again.

Update: Oh, yeah. I also transferred 20-odd tapes in the obsolete "Hi-8" format (dating from 1995 to 2005) to the hard drive of the DVD/HDD video recorder, from which they will be burned as DVDs. DVDs are easily scratched and becoming obsolete as well, but still a better archival option that the Hi-8 tapes. I got some little screwdrivers and dismantled the old video camera to remove a jammed tape. I think the flaw was entirely with the tape, since it also almost jammed the newerSony which replaced it. I also notices how the old Sanyo recordings were much better quality than the Sony. We also have a small HDD DV camera now that I never use. I never look back at old tapes although I have to admit that after 10 or 13 years, they are getting interesting. I generally just capture small segments of cellphone video these days.

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