Sunday, December 03, 2006

Zoomclouds (I really don't know clouds, at all.)

I set up an account at Zoomclouds back in May(?) or June(?), but couldn't use the cloud because it refused to live in the sidebar, and kept sprawling all over the main column and making it unreadable. Later it occurred to me that if I wanted to have it, letting it live at the bottom of the body wouldn't be so bad after all. Having previously given up on it, I hadn't made a note of the password. Clicking on Forget your password? at login produced this message:

Request a new password

Still working in getting the "Forgot your password" thing to work. If you 've really forgotten your password, give us a few days until we get this thing to generate a new one for you and send it to your mailbox.

Pardon our dust!

and months later, the same message. That's pretty lame, and either annoyingly charming or charmingly annoying, but I guess they are focused on what they do best. Or maybe not, since their site seems barely alive. I made a new account and stuck the script at the bottom of the body main column. To my surprise, the biggest item in the tag cloud is not "monkey" but "god". That's funny since I don't believe in gods but hadn't been proselytizing that position very much (until lately). Eris didn't even show up, but phrases I used once, such as "2 men" did. It is at least partly nonsensical, but I like that (glitchy tech) because it reminds people not to depend on technology too much. Gibbon, squirrel, eel, and monkeys (plural!) made the list, but no other members of the animal-based verbal lexicon which I was developing for the use and amusement of zoo employees and non-employees alike. Where is "snackology"? Matcha is there, but not snackology? Some of my other lexical tendencies were revealed. "Apparently" I "guess" I can now "reveal" that "I don't know" very much. (But you already know that!)

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